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Is this website legit?

Yes, we’re 100% legit. Not legit as in “operating according to law” but legit in the sense that we’re true and keep to our promise of

  • high quality products,
  • competitive prices,
  • guaranteed express worldwide delivery and
  • re-ship/refund policy.

Most illegitimate sites are new sites that just spring up to steal from people, and then shut down (or are forcefully shut down) within a few months.  If you check or public WHOIS record you will see that we’ve existed since December 2015 and are still actively doing business till now.

In addition to high quality products/services, we have a very good re-ship/refund policy. If for any reason your package is lost, damaged or seized by customs, we re-ship. If the second shipment attempts fails, we refund. 

We have top delivery destinations such as local delivery within USA and Russia, UK, Australia, etc… that we’ve fully mastered and can always guarantee that package will go through in the very first shipment attempt.

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