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Similarities and Differences Between GHB and GBL

What Are the Differences Between GHB and GBL?

This is a very common question that most first time buyers ask. However, some are not ready for the explanation and simply want a quick explanation and their question is usually which should I go for? GHB or GBL? Our default response usually is GHB because it is a better alternative to GBL in every way. However, we also take the liberty of asking if the buyer wanted something to make them sleep better, jazz up their sexual satisfaction… just to be sure they were not actually searching for GBL cleaner. GBL cleaner is simply a cleaning agent.

Differences between GHB and GBL

GHB is an odourless, oily liquid, with a slightly salty taste, usually sold in small bottles or capsules.  The effects usually occur within 15-20 minutes and last up to 3-4 hours.  GBL is a liquid with a chemical smell and taste.  GBL is a precursor to GHB, which means that it is converted to GHB inside your body after swallowing.  It has a faster onset of action than GHB, and is often more potent – so a smaller dose is required to have the same effect. 

The primary differences between GBL and GHB are that GBL is a precursor to GHB, can be converted to GHB, and kicks in faster than GHB. GBL is a precursor to GHB, which means that it is converted to GHB inside your body after swallowing. It has a faster onset of action than GHB, and is often more potent – so a smaller dose is required to have the same effect.

Which Should You Go for? GHB or GBL?

From the above, it seems very obvious that GBL is the better alternative but truly, its high potency makes it very easy to overdose, and the metabolism required for breakdown in the body to GHB is an additional step.

We generally recommend GHB Liquid (Liquid Ecstasy) or GHB Pills for regular/inexperienced users. But if you are a reseller or a geek looking for something you can customize to your own concentration, GHB Powder will do the trick.

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