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Returns, Re-ships and Refunds

Money Back Guarantee. No Questions Asked.

With our customer friendly Return, Reship and Refund policies, you are entitled to a 100% money back guarantee. Below are some of the circumstances under which you can request a refund;

  1. The product you received was not what you expected: Note that you will be refunded only the amount you paid for the product, and you will also have to pay shipping fee for returning the package to us.
  2. The product you received was not of adequate quality: We assure you 100% that the quality of each product we sell is great. In the case of GHB, we even provide a free GHB EZ Test Kit to first time buyers so that they can use to test the quality of the product before consumption. However, if you still claim the quality is not good, we accept a return and refund your money.
  3. The package was seized by customs or got missing/damaged during shipment: We can’t lie that all shipments are 100% successful, however, we have achieved as high as 98% successful deliveries to USA, Canada, Australia and UK. Our success rates are lower for some destinations. However, we do not refund you immediately there is a a failure delivery. We make a second attempt to re-ship the package to you. If this second attempt fails, then you get a refund.
  4. You no longer need the product: This is quite a strange reason to return a product but we respect your decision. You still get a refund.

Return Policy

You can return a product if you ordered the wrong product or the quality is below your expectation, or you changed your mind and no longer need the product. However, you pay the return fee and get a refund for the full amount you paid for the product

Reship Policy

We can reship a package to you if it was damaged or lost or seized by customs. We must attempt to reship first and you can request a refund only if the second attempt fails. But if you request a refund on basis that you no longer need the product, that is acceptable.

Refund Policy

By now, it must have been clear that you can request a refund for a vast number of reasons. However, the only limitation is that we do not refund shipping fees. Secondly, if a return is required before the refund, you pay the return shipping fee.

Your Responsibility

You are fully covered by our Return, Reship and Refund Policies. However, there are a few responsibilities you need to shoulder.

  • Be very sure you need a product before you order it. Do not hurriedly order a product out of excitement just to find out, when you receive the package, that you have already changed your mind.
  • Take time to choose exactly which product you need. If you want to sedate your partner for a good sexual experience, make a clear choice between GHB, Ketamine and Rohypnol. Don’t hurriedly order one when the other could have been a better option.
  • Provide accurate information when ordering. We have options for ordering with a fake name, paying anonymously, and you can even order without creating an account on our website. however, when it comes to your delivery address, the information needs to be as complete/specific as possible to avoid failure deliveries.
  • Order only when you are sure to make payment within 48hrs. We always have lots of clients and orders to handle (of course we are on page one of Google) so it is a smart choice not to allow your order pending for too long.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.