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Panaeolus subbalteatus (Magic Mushrooms)


Panaeolus subbalteatus for sale

Buy Panaeolus subbalteatus online. Dunkelrandiger Düngerling, Gezoneerde Vlek Plaat (Dutch), Gezonter Düngerling, Magusotake (Japanese, ‘horse pasture mushroom’). Panaeolus subbalteatus is most commonly found in Europe, but also grows throughout the Americas and Asia, especially in the subtropics and tropical regions.


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Buy Panaeolus subbalteatus online at competitive rates. Panaeolus subbalteatus, commonly known as the banded mottlegill, weed Panaeolus or subbs is a very common, widely distributed psilocybin mushroom. According to American naturalist and mycologist David Arora, Panaeolus cinctulus is the most common psilocybin mushroom in California. Common names include Dunkelrandiger Düngerling, Gezoneerde Vlek Plaat (Dutch), Gezonter Düngerling, Magusotake (Japanese, ‘horse pasture mushroom’)

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Panaeolus cinctulus is probably the most important psychoactive species in the genus Panaeolus in Europe. It grows directly on top of dung and on pastures that have been heavily fertilised. It can also be found on trash heaps or on compost or straw on which mushrooms are commercially cultivated.

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There is some anecdotal evidence to suggest that Germanic peoples combined Panaeolus subbalteatus with alcoholic beverages like mead or beer. Most of this evidence centers around the mushroom’s connection to Wotan, the Germanic god of ecstasy, as this fungus obviously has a mutualistic and symbiotic relationship to the horse, Wotan’s sacred animal (Ratsch 1998, 657). It is also interesting to note that pilz means mushroom, and pilzners are beers from Pilsen (or Plzeň), a city in the Czech Republic. Before the German Beer Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot) was passed in 1516, it was extremely common for Germans to add all sorts of interesting psychoactive plants to their brews, and given the above information, it seems quite clear that mushrooms were a popular additive. (Thanks to Dr. Brisgen for clarifying the location of Pilsen and providing great information on Reinheitsgebot!).

Panaeolus subbalteatus differs from other mushrooms that contain psilocybin in that it does not also contain psilocin, instead containing considerable quantity of serotonin and 5-hydroxy-tryptophan. P. subbalteatus contains about 0.7% psilocybin and 0.46% baeocystin.

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