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High Quality Cocaine (86-95% purity)


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How to Order

We use the woocommerce checkout plugin to facilitate checkouts when you purchase High Quality Cocaine online on our website. Although you’re not required to create an account, doing so is recommended because it makes it easy for you to log in and edit your order. Detailed ordering steps can be found on the How to Order page, which basically require that you add High Quality Cocaine to the shopping cart, adjust quantities, enter delivery address and select a payment option. We highly recommend Bitcoin or RIA Money transfer but you can also choose other payment options such as credit card, gift cards, moneygram, etc.

High Quality Cocaine for Sale

Cocaine, also known as coke, is a strong stimulant most frequently used as a recreational drug. It is commonly snorted, inhaled as smoke, or dissolved and injected into a vein. Mental effects may include loss of contact with reality, an intense feeling of happiness, or agitation. This drug is taken from the leaves of the coca plant. Coca plants are mostly grown in South America, in countries like Brazil or Argentina. When Spanish conquistadors (explorers) discovered coca plants, they sent them back to Europe. People started using cocaine as a medicine, as well as in drinks and food. When this drug is chewed or eaten, inhaled into the nose (“snorted”), or injected into the veins, it causes people to feel euphoric (very happy), alert, very confident, and full of energy. This feeling is called being “high.” Some people who take cocaine also have unpleasant feelings. They may feel worried, anxious, or even paranoid.

We have various types of cocaine for sale but most importantly is the quality you want to purchase. Our cocaine is available in 4 different qualities, each with its own set of prices.

Crack/Uncut Coke (96-98% pure)

  • 10g of uncut/crack cocaine = $400
  • 25g = $800
  • 50g = $1,200
  • 100g = $2000
  • 500g = $8.000
  • 1 kilo = $12.000

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High Quality Coke (86-95% pure)

  • 10g of high quality cocaine = $350
  • 20g = $700
  • 50g = $1,050
  • 100g = $1,750
  • 500g = $7.000
  • 1 kilo = $10,500

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Medium Quality Coke (66-85% pure)

  • 10g of medium quality cocaine = $300
  • 20g = $600
  • 50g = $900
  • 100g = $1,500
  • 500g = $6,000
  • 1 kilo = $9,000

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Low Quality Coke (60-65% pure)

  • 10g of low quality cocaine = $250
  • 20g = $500
  • 50g = $750
  • 100g = $1,250
  • 500g = $5,000
  • 1 kilo = $7,500

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About Cocaine Purity

Most newbies usually thing uncut cocaine should be 100% pure. That’s far from being the case. No matter how effective the extraction process is, there is always a chance that uncut cocaine (has not been cut with anything) will have at least 2% residual byproducts, pretty much unavoidable in the kind of ‘labs’ where coca is processed.

Think about where cocaine comes from, from a plant. How are you gonna get the cocaine out of the plant? The process of getting some substance out of another us called “extracting.” The first step would be to use some chemical to dissolve the cocaine out of the leaves. This chemical whatever it may be; alcohol or gasoline or butane or chlorine is called the “solvent” in chemistry terms. So now you have a bunch of solvent with cocaine molecules floating in it. So now you have to some how filter out the cocaine out of the solvent. Maybe use a filter or use the process of evaporation or both. Of course you’re never gonna get 100% of it out of your product. But if your able to get a product that’s 98% cocaine and only 2% solvent then pat yourself on the back that’s an impressive extraction. Possibly a scientist with a high tech lab can extract a substance nearer to 100% pure. Cocaine with 98% purity is the best we offer.



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