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Amytal Sodium Powder 500mg (Amobarbital) for Injection


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Buy Amytal Sodium Powder online

Buy Amytal Sodium Powder online. Amytal Sodium is sold as Amytal Sodium Powder (500mg), Amytal Sodium Capsules (60mg) and Amytal Sodium Pulvule 222 (200mg). Amobarbital sodium is a substituted pyrimidine derivative in which the basic structure is barbituric acid, a substance that has no CNS activity. Vials of amobarbital sodium are for parenteral administration. The vials contain 500 mg (2 mmol) amobarbital sodium as a sterile lyophilized powder.

Order Amytal Sodium Powder online

Amytal Sodium Powder is a sedative. It is hypnotic, for the short-term treatment of insomnia, since it appears to lose its effectiveness for sleep induction and sleep maintenance after 2 weeks. It is also Pre anesthetic.

Amytal Sodium Powder Dosage and Administration

The dose of amobarbital sodium must be individualized with full knowledge of its particular characteristics and recommended rate of administration. Factors of consideration are the patient’s age, weight, and condition. The maximum single dose for an adult is 1 g.

Intramuscular Use

Intramuscular injection of the sodium salts of barbiturates should be made deeply into a large muscle. The average intramuscular dose ranges from 65 mg to 0.5 g. A volume of 5 mL (irrespective of concentration) should not be exceeded at any one site because of possible tissue irritation. Twenty percent solutions may be used so that a small volume can contain a large dose. After IM injection of a hypnotic dose, the patient’s vital signs should be monitored. Superficial intramuscular or subcutaneous injections may be painful and may produce sterile abscesses or sloughs.

Intravenous Use

Intravenous injection is restricted to conditions in which other routes are not feasible, either because the patient is unconscious (as in cerebral hemorrhage, eclampsia, or status epilepticus), because the patient resists (as in delirium), or because prompt action is imperative. Slow IV injection is essential, and patients should be carefully observed during administration. This requires that blood pressure, respiration, and cardiac function be maintained, vital signs be recorded and equipment for resuscitation and artificial ventilation be available. The rate of IV injection for adults should not exceed 50 mg/min to prevent sleep or sudden respiratory depression. The final dosage is determined to a great extent by the patient’s reaction to the slow administration of the drug.


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