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Visa Gift Card (USD)

Pay with a Visa Gift Card

We accept only Visa Gift Cards with USD balance. The card must also have an online account balance verification website where we can check. It is easy to pay with a Visa Gift Card (USD). All you need to do is buy the gift card and send images of the card (front and back) and purchase receipt (actual purchase receipt, not activation receipt) to us via email [email protected]. We prefer cards purchased with cash, but other payment methods used are also OK.

Visa Gift Cards can be easily purchased from any gift card vendor or shopping mall including the big brands such as Walmart, Walgreen, Sam’s Club, Dollar General, H.E.B, Speedway, etc.

The reason we demand the purchase receipt is to keep fraudsters away; to be sure you’re paying us with a card you actually purchased and own. The receipt is strictly for verification purposes and no info on it is associated with your order or used in any other way. As always, your privacy and security while you shop with us is of paramount importance to us as outlines in our privacy policy.