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How to Pay for Products You Ordered from Our Online Shop

Paying for drugs and medications online can be a little bit tricky especially when the substance in question has a questionable legal status or when you don’t have a permit or subscription for it. It may also be that you just want to be in total control of your privacy. Whatever the case may be, we offer lots of flexible payment options and we’re sure at least two of them will be very convenient for you.

Which Country are You Paying from?

As far as payment options are concerned, your location matters. So before we list all the available payment options, here’s a quick guide to help you decide.

Your CountryPayment OptionsNote
Any country (except India)BitcoinSome countries like India have high restrictions on bitcoin.
Any country (except USA and Canada)www.Payeer.comPAYEER is NOT available in the USA, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Mexico, Afghanistan, Colombia, Angola, Chad, Congo, Cuba, Palestine, Nigeria, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Syria, Sudan and some other countries considered to be conflict or high risk zones.
Indiawww.Payeer.comFor India and other countries that are NOT bitcoin friendly, remains the ONLY available payment option.
Any country (except USA)RIA Money TransferRIA Money Transfer is far better than Moneygram and Western Union because of better customer privacy.
Non-reloadable Prepaid Visa Gift Card
Walmart Gift Card
Gift Card currency is usually in USD
Canada or AustraliaBitcoin
RIA Money Transfer
Non-reloadable Prepaid Visa Gift Card
Walmart Gift Card
We also accept gift cards in CAD or AUD
RIA Money Transfer
RIA Money Transfer is far better than Moneygram and Western Union because of better customer privacy.

Available Payment Options

Other Payment Options

Bitcoin (10% discount)

Buy Bitcoin Online Using Your Bank Card (credit card or debit card) or Bank Account. We do NOT process credit/debit cards and bank payments directly…
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Altcoins (e.g Litecoin)

Pay Anonymously with Altcoins Altcoins are the alternative cryptocurrencies launched after the success of Bitcoin. Generally, they project themselves as better substitutes to Bitcoin. We…
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Walmart Gift Card

It is easy to pay with a Walmart Visa Gift Card (USD). All you need to do is buy the gift card and send images…
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RIA Money Transfer

RIA Money Transfer is not as popular as Western Union and Moneygram but amazingly has a far better customer service and are more tolerant when…
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Moneygram Money Transfer

Pay with Moneygram Moneygram is the direct rival of Western Union. The primary difference is that they have lesser coverage which means fewer agents around…
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Western Union Money Transfer

Pay with Western Union Western Union is undoubtedly the remittance service with the widest coverage on the planet. They have the largest coverage except for…
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Cash App

We Accept Cash App Payments You can pay for your order using Cash App. Unfortunately as a result of exceeded limits, we can’t receive direct…
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