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GHB Dose

GHB Dosage Information

What is the right dosage for GHB or GBL? GHB Dosage information is hard to come by because there is no one right dose. Determining the ideal dose is probably the trickiest aspect of working with GHB.

To understand dosage of Liquid Ecstasy it is good to have an understanding of concentration. The number of milliliters you take depends on the concentration of the Liquid Ecstasy. Higher concentration means you should take lower milliliters and lower concentrations mean you should take higher milliliters.

To keep it simple, VIDA DOSE has a standard concentration of 0.5g/ml although a client can request a custom concentration. A concentration of 0.5mg/ml means that each ml of the liquid contains 0.5g of GHB (same as 1 GHB tablet).

There are 3 different doses; Light 1g, Common 2g, and Strong 3g dose. For a light dose, you can take 2ml. For a common dose you can take 4ml. For a strong dose, you can take 6ml.

  • Light dose = 2ml.
  • Common = 4ml.
  • Strong dose = 6ml.

If this is your very first time taking GHB, it is recommended you go for the light dose first, or even just 1ml and observe the effects. We do NOT recommend anyone for any reason to take more than 6ml. That will be more than 3g of GHB. Such a dose is generally NOT safe.

The amount required for a given level of effect will vary from person to person, and the dose-response curve is fairly steep. Overestimating the dose can have consequences ranging in seriousness from ruining your plans for the evening to waking up in the emergency ward as a result of panic on the part of concerned-but-uninformed friends or relatives. Once you have found the levels that give you the effects you desire, they will remain consistent. Tolerance to GHB does not develop. However, recent (not current) alcohol consumption may decrease the effect of a given dose of GHB [Fadda, 1989]. Most people find that a dose in the range of 1 gram is suitable for prosexual purposes, and that a quantity in the range of 2 grams is sufficient to force sleep.

Some people think that GHB might lower potassium levels and should therefore be taken with potassium supplementation. Some research papers have identified such an effect, others have not. If you want to play it safe, take a potassium supplement equal to 10% of the GHB dose.

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