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GHB and Sex

Scientists and doctors have traditionally been reluctant to ascribe aphrodisiac properties to any substance, although this tendency may have abated somewhat in recent years. It is a testament, then, to the power the GHB’s sexual effects that they were clearly acknowledged in the scientific literature by 1972. Dr. Laborit wrote:

“A last point should still be mentioned: the [GHB] action on Man which could be called ‘aphrodisiac.’ We cannot present any animal experiments on this subject. However, the oral form has now been sufficiently used so that, as generally agreed, no doubt can subsist as to its existence.”

We have identified four main prosexual properties:

1) disinhibition,
2) heightening of the sense of touch (tactility),
3) enhancement of male erectile capacity, and
4) increased intensity of orgasm.

Perhaps the foremost prosexual property of GHB is disinhibition. Some users suggest that GHB’s other sexual benefits are secondary effects, made possible (or at least amplified) by this loosening of psychosomatic constraint. A number of people have commented that this disinhibition is particularly marked among women.

Women often report that GHB makes their orgasms longer and more intense, as well as more difficult or time-consuming to achieve, especially at higher doses. As with its other effects, GHB’s impact on female orgasm seems highly sensitive to small adjustments in dosage.

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