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It is but normal that high quality products are sold at a slightly higher price. Unfortunately, buyers always look for the cheapest possible price, yet still expect the best quality. As a result, they miss out on great quality products simply because they are a few extra dollars higher than usual.

To help remedy this situation, we offer a special 20% to all first time customers placing an order for the very first time. We simply refer to this as your first order, hence the coupon code GENESIS20. The general $100.00 minimum purchase amount applies here. This is an opportunity for you to get our products at a price you are familiar with, hoping that after testing and confirming the great quality we offer, you won’t have any issue coming back again to buy at our regular prices. And of course, we always activate our publicholiday coupon code with a 30% discount for orders above $150.00 every major public holiday in every country. This should be at least 50 more opportunities you have to buy cheap from us. And if you are a reseller you can make more profit selling when you buy for more than $200.00 at and enjoy a 40% discount using our bulkpurchase coupon code.

All these offers sound insane, but our major principle is to make more money from high turnovers instead of targeting maximum profit for every single sale. We are more interested in having returning customers than one-time clients.

Additional 10% Discount if you Pay Using Cryptocurrency

As easy as that. They reason we are able to provide you such a discount is outlined in the following post. Bottomline, it is a win win situation. If you don’t know how to obtain bitcoins to use for your purchase, please check out the following resources.

Minimum Order Requirements

Just as a reminder, the general minimum order is $100.00 and applies to the 20% discount coupon code GENESIS20 . In addition to this, other discount offers have their own minimum order amount. The minimum order amount for the 30% discount coupon code publicholiday is $150.00 while the minimum order amount for the 40% discount coupon code bulkpurchase is $200.00.0

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