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Buy GHB with Bitcoins and other Drugs with Bitcoins – 10 Percent Discount on all Crypto Payments

Buy GHB with Bitcoins

We offer a 25% Discount on all products when you use the coupon code GENESIS20. In addition to that, you benefit from an additional 10% when you pay for your order using any popular crptocurrency such as Bitcoins, Litecoin, BitcoinCash ABC, BitcoinCash SV, Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin, etc. So if you’ve been trying to buy GHB with bitcoins (or of our medications for that matter) here is your change.

Upon checkout, if you choose to pay using the cryptocurrency (Bitcoin/Altcoins) payment option, your order total will be converted to the corresponding currency but only 90% of the total will be displayed for you to send to a specified wallet. No coupon code required for this discount.

Must of our clients don’t understand the logic behind offering such a huge discount for a specific payment option, like when they try to buy GHB with bitcoins. Breaking it down…

  1. Accepting crypto payments help reduce our operation cost: No more time/money expenses incurred by cashiers stepping out of their desks to go and collect Western Union or Moneygram payments.
  2. Payment clearing via cryptocurrency is instant: As soon as payment is made, your payment is instantly marked as complete, enabling us to order and ship your package promptly. This reduces order processing time and increases our reliability.
  3. Crypto payments provide us with an additional revenue stream: believe it or not, although we trade off 10% of the payment for the above two advantages, at the end it is still a win for us because we trade the currencies on popular exchanges for profit.

If you’re considering buying bitcoins to use for payment, we highly recommend because you can deal directly with sellers in your country diverse payment options including cash. If for any reason you decide to buy bitcoins with your card, note that generally it is a bit easier to buy with a debit card than with a credit card but bottom line some (or extensive) verification may be required. 

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